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For Our Patients

Your cardiologist is responsible for your individual care. You will also meet and interact with our experienced staff of cardiac nurses and important members of your cardiac care team. They will help explain diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, answer your questions and help you feel comfortable about your care. Citrus Cardiology Patient Information.

As part of your evaluation, your doctor may order or perform one or more procedures. All aspects of this testing will be explained to you. In most cases, we will provide you and your family with written information about the test, how to prepare for it and what you can expect. If you or members of your family have questions, please ask.

Your comfort is our #1 concern.

Office Appointments:

For your convenience, our offices are open from 9 AM to 5 PM weekdays. Our physicians follow a rotating call schedule so that a cardiologist is on call at all times. Routine phone calls and questions should be made before 2 PM so that a doctor familiar with the patient can respond.

Please bring the following information to your appointment:

  1. Your medical history (first visit only).
  2. Your primary care physician’s name and address (first visit only).
  3. A list of medications, and their dosages, you are currently taking (all visits).
  4. Your insurance information, including cards (all visits).
  5. Any changes in address, telephone number or insurance carrier (all visits).

Prescriptions and Refills

All of your medications will be prescribed during scheduled office visits. Written Prescription REFILLS can be requested by using our Online Refill Service. Click here to view: Online Refill Prescription Service.

Blood Pressure Checks

Blood pressure checks required by your cardiologist will be performed between 8 AM and 10 AM weekdays.

Other Information:

If You Require A Hospital Stay …
You may see more than one of our cardiologists. Prior to every visit with our hospitalized patients, the cardiologist-on-call will familiarize him/herself with your situation. He or she will then be able to communicate with you, your family doctor and the other cardiologists on any recommended procedures and/or medications. We want your hospital stay to be as brief and pleasant as possible, so don’t hesitate to ask any questions about your condition and treatment.

If You Are Being Treated For Valvular Disease …
You may need to receive antibiotic medication if scheduled for dental or surgical procedures. Please contact the office prior to the dental appointment or procedure so your cardiologists can prescribe an appropriate antibiotic for you.

If You Have A Pacemaker …
It will need to be checked periodically. Our Pacemaker Care Center is dedicated to the specialized care of patients with pacemakers and internal defibrillators. Contact the office to schedule regular checks with our Pacemaker Care Technician.

If You Have Had A Laboratory Test …
As part of your blood thinner therapy, you should call for your Protime test results by 3 PM the day the test was performed (routine Protime tests are not performed on the weekend).